Odds of Cliff Lee Abandoning Ship

By at 11 November, 2010, 12:14 pm

After getting bombed in game one of the World Series and eventually losing game five to go down to the San Francisco Giants 4-1, the Texas Rangers’ ace pitcher Cliff Lee halfheartedly gave the thumbs-up to his current squad, stating they were a good team and that he would like to stay put.

Read into these comments what you will, but Rangers’ faithful are sure this means Lee will stay for a complete season next year and possibly even long-term deal, while other baseball teams, owners and fans—like those associated with New York—see this as a sign that Cliff is primed and ready to don pinstripes.

So, what are the odds Cliff Lee stays in Arlington to give it another go with a very impressive Texas Rangers ballclub? Realistically, things are looking good for Texas. The current odds are about 5:3 that Cliff not only stays but receives a contract in the neighborhood of $120 million over five years.

Don’t log on to your sportsbooks and best online casinos to place a bet just yet, though. There are a few ways to look at this. And although it’s all pure conjecture, common sense plays a role in any prediction.

First up, there’s the competition. Teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox not only have the money to sign Lee but also have other great pitchers to bolster the resume for any player looking to sign up on a winner – ala LeBron James.

However, New York would be the only team to chase it. Boston seems content to risk their rotation’s effectiveness when healthy.

How does New York fit in through the all-important “good fit” angle? Not very well at all. Lee’s wife was spat upon by rabid Yankees’ fans, and insults were flying out a dime a dozen. Of course, one incident may not sway the decision, but you can’t rule it out.

For you gamblers out there putting your money down at a online casino USA, you know all about the economic angle. And economically speaking, the biggest contract New York could offer Lee wouldn’t be as lucrative as a Texas contract 30% lighter.

Why? New York will have higher tax rates in a few years – higher than what they already have (which is incredibly high, with 10% of the wealthiest paying over 80% of all taxes). The cost of living is also at least 20% higher in New York. In Texas, however, there are no state income taxes and 20 million a year would work out better than 30 in New York, believe it or not.

For the ability to win, the comfort level and the most money, the Rangers are Lee’s best option. Whether he stays put or not remains to be seen. But it’s looking good for Texas.

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