Do Not Disturb: 13 fantasy baseball sleepers for 2013 (Roto Arcade)

By at 25 March, 2013, 6:53 pm

Sleeper is such a dangerous term, because it's a relative term. It's league-dependent. One person's sleeper is another dude's fifth round pick. Many of you play in 8-person mixed fantasy leagues with simple rosters and no keepers. Others are involved in 18-team, N.L.-only, two-catcher, five-outfielder dynasty leagues. If we were to construct sleeper lists for each of those two formats, there would basically be zero overlap. In that first league, you won't care about Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras until 2014. In the second, he was owned two years ago, before his 19th birthday, when he was lighting up the Midwest League. [ Baseball 2013 from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports: Join a league today! ] Thus, it's always tricky to write these preseason features. Unavoidably, the sleepers we discuss are useless to many of you because they're way too deep, and useless to others because they're much too obvious. So today we're targeting fantasy owners who occupy the middle ground in terms of roster depth, those who play in leagues that aren't necessarily at either extreme. If you're managing in, say, a competitive 12 or 14-man mixed league with deep-ish rosters, then perhaps the players below will roughly fit your definition of "sleeper." Consider taking a flier on one or two of 'em (but no more than that. These aren't foundation pieces for your fantasy squad, they're ornamentation. High failure rate among sleepers). As Dock Ellis would have said, let's do the do ...
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