Over/Under: Will Chris Davis continue to crush a lot? (Roto Arcade)

By at 26 June, 2013, 12:01 pm

Fantasy is a speculative game. Predict the future, and you look like a genius. Don't, and you're painfully human. Gazing into the crystal ball, here's our view on 10 intriguing over/unders this week. Chris Davis, on pace for a mind-blowing 57 home runs, rest of season bleacher shots 24.5 Brandon – OVER. The guy is country strong and he looks so comfortable at the plate these days that I wouldn't be surprised if he came to bat in a smoking jacket. He'd need to average at least eight home runs in each of the final three months to get to this number, and so far he has yet to hit less than nine dingers in any of the first three months. Brad – OVER. Post-hype sleeper to the third power, Davis is finally delivering the Herculean numbers most fantasy pundits, including yours truly , anticipated years ago. He's locked in, killing everything and sports a Ruthian profile (.378 ISO! Say what?!). In a post-PED era (sort of), his probable 60-homer season will go down as one of MLB's greatest. Scott – OVER. It hurts to have no stakes in this one. Davis has retooled his approach - he uses the whole park now - and he's far more selective. Enjoy the ride.
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