Today in A-Rod: Tabloids report he wants to retire, get paid and avoid PED punishment (Big League Stew)

By at 27 June, 2013, 12:38 pm

Hey, remember when A-Rod was just some injured guy rehabbing somewhere and we weren't talking about him every day? Thems ain't the days no more. A-Rod drama is back. In the current saga we've already seen A-Rod being called names after joining Twitter and being told to "shut up the [expletive] up" by his GM . Now we've reached the conspiracy theories. Woot! Go get your tinfoil hats. Both the New York Post and New York Daily News published stories Thursday saying A-Rod's tweets about being cleared to play are a ruse. His real endgame? Retiring, getting all the money owed to him by the Yankees and not facing MLB suspension in the Biogenesis case . Both stories cite an unnamed source, so keep that in mind. From the Daily News :
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