Minnesota Twins are the new AL Glass Joes after getting swept by New York Yankees (Big League Stew)

By at 5 July, 2013, 5:08 pm

The New York Yankees have swept themselves free of The Stew's "Glass Joe Title," handing it off to the Twins after winning four in a row in Minnesota. The Yankees, who had a really tough June, had held The Stew's "Glass Joe Title" longer than any team since we invented these silly things a month ago. The "Glass Joe Title," if you haven't been following along, is a (dis)honor badge passed around after a series loss. The Yankees had held it since June 16. By sweeping the Twins, the Yankees not only broke free of Glass Joe status but put together a nice little winning streak to raise their record to 46-39. Want to know more about this "Glass Joe Title?" Here's an FAQ:
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