Senator Harry Reid: ‘Davey Johnson is the manager of the NationalMets’ (Big League Stew)

By at 11 July, 2013, 11:04 am

The "NationalMets"??? Yes, that's what Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada called the Major League Baseball team that plays in Washington, D.C. during a speech on the Senate floor Thursday morning. NationalMets? That's a clown baseball team, bro. Obviously, Sen. Reid must know the name of the team is really the Washington Nationals , and he's just confusing himself (and us) with one of skipper Davey Johnson's former teams, the New York Mets. As captured on C-SPAN2 , Reid was trying to use a baseball analogy to make a point about President Obama not being able to fill out his appointment lineup because of partisan Congressional blockage. Gridlock bad! Reid also dropped the names of Adam LaRoche and Ryan Zimmerman, saying something like, "What if Davey Johnson wanted to use them to play but the Republicans wouldn't until the All-Star break?" How can the NationalMets expect to win without those guys at the corners?! Here's the relevant text that includes the flub:
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