Sail On, Sailor: Raul Ibanez keeps crushing it (Roto Arcade)

By at 13 July, 2013, 11:19 am

Whatever Raul Ibanez is eating for breakfast these days, pour me a bowl of it, too. Seattle's Popeye lookalike cranked two more homers Friday (No. 23 and 24), sparking the Mariners to an 8-3 triumph over the Angels. Enjoy some hometown video , and let's revel in the story of the tilde. Ibanez barely registered during the April schedule (.158, two homers), but he's been a power stud since then. If you rank all the fantasy-eligible outfielders from May 10-onward, Ibanez grades out as the No. 6 option. A ridiculous season from someone who turned 41 in the first week of June. Must be pretty good spinach. To be fair, this isn't a full and balanced 5x5 rack of stats we're collecting. A .264 average doesn't move the needle, 38 runs is a modest amount, and Ibanez hasn't attempted a steal all year. But we'll take homers and RBIs where we can get them, especially in the current de-juiced version of the game.
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