Shane Spencer impostor makes Yankees steroid allegations in radio interview (Big League Stew)

By at 14 August, 2013, 11:30 am

The real Shane Spencer did beaucoup damage for the New York Yankees as a rookie in 1998, particularly by hitting three grand slams over 10 days in September . A reportedly fake Shane Spencer did beaucoup damage to the real Spencer's reputation, along with that of some former Yankees teammates, by going on ESPN Radio in Albany, N.Y. on Monday and telling steroid-laced lies about himself and Roger Clemens, along with other falsehoods about Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. The person pretending to be Spencer admitted to "dabbling" in steroids, said that Clemens took them "no question," and that nobody should assume that Jeter and Rivera didn't. He also tried knocking Jeter down a few pegs on the leadership totem pole. Well, it was Jeter who was listening to the interview a day later and came to the rescue (of course), having one of the Yankees staff call Spencer to alert him. That's why he's the Captain! Spencer, who told ESPN New York by phone that he heard a portion of the interview and "about threw up," confirmed that he and ESPN Radio 104.5 The Team host Mike Lindsley had been trying to set up an interview through email. A connection on the air was never made, yet someone pretending to be Spencer called in and conducted an interview anyway — much of which you can hear here . Spencer also issued a statement:
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