My Sports Christmas Wish: That The NY Mets Go Back To Selling Baseball

By at 23 December, 2013, 10:02 am

Last night on the Weekend Sports Watchdog Podcast, Mike Silva asked me about my sports Christmas wish.  I told him my wish is to get up on a hot August morning and pour over the pitching match ups for the day after a Mets win that has the team in the thick of a pennant race.  I want to go over what opponents the Braves and Nationals have on their upcoming schedule.  I want to look at the Phillies and say with confidence, “well there’s a team we don’t have to worry about”. I want to see the Braves are coming into Citi Field and the Mets have Wheeler, Niese, and Gee set to take on a team that the Mets trail by just a couple games and knowing that Citi Field will have 45,000 Mets fans there for baseball rooting only. No post game concert. No t-shirt giveaway, No Bobble-heads. Just Mets fans screaming LET’S GO METS!!!!! All game long, even the elitist douches in the moat seats.

I get that the team has to do whatever marketing they need to bring paying customers to Citi Field. It doesn’t mean I have to like it. There isn’t one performer on the new concert series that I have any ambition to go see, seriously if you would have asked me to go see Huey Lewis and the News back in the late 70’s you’d have to be a stone cold knock out for me to even think about it. Boys II Men? I can’t even name any songs they sing. 50 Cent? Are you kidding me?  Are you really trying to attract “the pants hanging off my ass crowd”? And this Austin Mahone kid, I had to ask my authority on teenyboppers, my 14 year old daughter, what the skinny was on Mahone. She’s not a fan of his; in fact he was an opening act for Taylor Swift who she saw at the Linc in Philly this past summer and during his set was when she made her concert t-shirt and popcorn run.       

No one has to tell me I’m a dinosaur, I have teen aged kids who remind me of this every day, but with these concert series deals who exactly are the Mets trying to attract to Citi Field? I’d much rather promote the main product that’s sold at Citi Field, BASEBALL!

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