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I don’t love it and I don’t hate it, that sums up my opinion on the signing of Michael Cuddyer to a 2 yr $21.5 mil deal. It does shine light on some of where the Mets are headed this off season.
What I don’t love about the deal, it’s not a blockbuster move meaning it’s not Matt Kemp. Cuddyer will turn 36 years old during spring training and I don’t like players over 35. Cuddyer while a good hitter with some power has to prove the injuries from last season aren’t chronic; if they are this will be a wasted move. Cuddyer is an awful outfielder and I see no reason for him to play right field. I’d rather have Granderson and his pop gun arm there and not Cuddyer.
What I like about the deal, the Mets are a better team today than they were yesterday. I like very much that there was no rumor of this signing anywhere. That tells me that Sandy Alderson has gotten through to Fredo Wilpon to keep his mouth shut and stop leaking information.
Sidenote: This lawsuit that is hanging over Fredo’s head may be a blessing in disguise for the organization. With all the time and energy Wilpon will have to put in to be exonerated of the charges, he may not have time to stick his beak in the baseball business. Hopefully the case drags on for a while

I like that Alderson seems to have a plan in place and it looks like the next big move will be for a shortstop. If the Mets do land a top flight everyday shortstop, I think it will mean the departure of Daniel Murphy. Say Alderson can acquire Starling Castro or Alexi Ramirez then you could move Wilmer Flores to 2nd base and take the money Murph would get ($8-$10mil for the year) and pay Ramirez for the season or Castro for about 2 years. Thanks for everything Murph.
I like that Alderson had no problem in giving up a first round pick, all the amateur scouting directors on social media need to give it a rest with the fawning over draft picks and prospects. The farm system built by Paul DePodesta is solid with a lot of talent. It’s time to stop worrying about what goes on in Savanah and Kingsport and worry about what goes on in Flushing. This is not the NFL or NBA where first round picks make an immediate impact and from the Cuddyer move Alderson is telling us the rebuild is over that the Mets are a NOW team.
And another thing, when this deal was struck, Mike Francesa was going over the games of the Jets, Giants and the NFL on a Monday as he does every Monday during the NFL season. His show quickly changed over the Mets, Mets and more Mets (I listened to Francesa on my way to St. John’s University to attend a dinner where my son was inducted into the National Honor Society. Next week my daughter has her NHS induction. We are a blessed family.) The best part of the program were callers identifying themselves as Yankees fans saying they wanted to talk about the Mets and Cuddyer. This goes to my theory that this is a bandwagon town and all those Yankee hats you see will soon be traded in for Mets caps and once the Mets start winning this city will be draped on Orange and Blue. Believe me I’ve seen it before.

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