MLB’s lack of universal designated hitter rule leaves modern game out of tune with

By at 28 April, 2015, 8:40 pm

It is impossible to talk of baseball and batting without mentioning pitchers somewhere in your analysis. Therefore, as expected, they have been in the middle of the debate whether the designated hitter, DH, rule should be adopted in the National League or not. Clearly, any fan can notice that the pitchers are not batting as they used to and the injury to Wainwright does not make the situation any easier. As much as everyone still loves watching players like Bartolo Colon of the New York Mets try and hit the baseball, the National League is being denied the opportunity to bring the thrill and offense that is much needed in the game. As you follow up the debate, you can also hop on the MLB betting train to money land now as you test your knowledge.

Taking a look back into history, in 1973, the American League scrapped off the practice where pitchers were required to bat; thus the designated hitter position was created. The teams in the National League are kind of at an advantage due to interleague play but, the fact that the requirement where pitchers must hit kills the momentum of the game making us question where there really is an advantage. Whenever teams from the National League come to the American league for a series, they find it difficult to cope with the changes in rules as they look to add more offense in their lineup. This means that the managers are not left with many options, although the same is not the case for AL teams coming to the NL but that’s the situation.

It is true that some pitchers love to hit or maybe they are just good at it but the truth of the matter is, if the DH was never adopted in the NL, then it would have been easier for everyone. This makes the NL games become more strategic and a good number of players love the NL for this reason. The debate is expected to heat up even more with one of the best pitcher-hitters, Wainwright sidelined with an injury to his Achilles. The NL could actually benefit from having a player whose exclusive job is to hit as it means that pitchers will be less prone to injuries. Adopting of the DH in the NL was given a much needed push by Max Scherzer, who will most probably also miss his next start to a sprain sustained on his right hand thumb.

The demands of the game have changed in this digital age as fans would love to see home runs, walk-off celebrations and more base hits at the comfort of their homes. What these fans don’t want, is seeing one pitcher strike out against a fellow pitcher as this could be a game changer or even worse turn out to affect the entire outcome of a season.

The practice of having to include a pitcher in the lineup is no longer normal as it only makes the game appear disjointed, but it also makes the game lack in fluidity. That withstanding, the injuries that we are seeing at the moment are not anything new to the game to influence the decision making process significantly. So, all we can do is sit and watch whether the MLB will consider adapting the DH in the National League any time soon.


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