Three Astronomically Expensive and Unrealistic Gifts for Baseball Fans (and Cheaper Alternatives)

If you want to make a true baseball fan’s jaw drop from his face to the floor come gift-opening time, you can’t rely on simple things like new team caps and vintage baseball cards.  You’ll have to do something to really floor him, and it’s not going to be easy (or cheap).  Below, we’ll go over three ultimate gift ideas for baseball fans that are truly exorbitantly expensive and over-the-top in every way (just to give you an idea of what you’d do if you were a billionaire or President of the USA), as well as cover three more realistic, inexpensive alternatives that may actually work for your budget.

Idea #1 – Purchase him his own legitimate baseball stadium

How could a baseball enthusiast not pee himself at the thought of owning his own authenticated baseball stadium.  Whether he’s a fan of the new Yankee Stadium or the out-of-commission Shea Stadium, you can use your boatloads of money to give these tens of thousands of available seats to just one guy.  If you can’t manage to afford that though, why not get his name scrolled up on the screen at the stadium.  It may set you back a bit, but hey, he’ll have his name up there on the board, which is almost like having his name on the stadium itself.

Idea #2 – Buy him a batting cage complex

Someone who loves to play baseball would drool knowing that he has his own batting cage and sporting complex to practice and play in at will.  No lines to wait in.  No quarters to put in the machine.  Of course, one doesn’t need an entire complex just for himself.  A more reasonable alternative may be to give him his own backyard pitching machine.  It may not be quite the same as owning your own spring training center, but it’s a nice perk to have in the yard for sure.

Idea #3 – Have a party with all the players (past and present) from his favorite team

Have a time machine available?  Anyone?  OK, so this one is far less likely to be realistic even if you did have Bill Gates’ financial portfolio, but it’s a nice thought anyway.  If you can’t give him this wonderful gift, a more feasible alternative would be to give him a signed baseball from many or all of the players on a team’s roster for a given year.  Sure, this may still be a bit pricey, but he’ll have a piece of team history right there in his fingertips with this gift.