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Gee Comes On Strong

By at 5 September, 2013, 1:54 pm

It was a tough situation for Dillon Gee.

Knowing the Mets were looking to promote Zach Wheeler in June, he know it was time to either put up or lose his rotation spot.

“I knew it. Everyone knew it,” Gee said. “Everyone was talking about it.”

He limited the Yankees to one run over 7 1/3 innings against the Yankees and that’s when his real season started.

And the threat ended when Jon Niese ended up on the DL.

Gee is arguably the Mets best pitcher this season. On a rotation that boasted Matt Harvey for most of the season and Wheeler, it’s high praise for all betting sports, but since the Yankee start, he has a 2.40 ERA in 18 starts.

“It was really tough finishing the year on the DL last year and having to watch the team and not be able to be there and help out,” Gee said. “My main goals this year coming into spring training were to get to 200 innings and take the ball every time it was my turn. I’ve done that so far.”

Added manager Terry Collins: “He is not walking anybody. Early in the year we had conversations where we were talking about it was uncharacteristic because he walked two or three guys, or four guys. And he’s not doing that. And therefore he’s saving those pitches and he’s getting easy outs.”

You have to believe it took Gee a few months to get entirely healthy.

He missed the second half of last season with a blocked artery in his pitching arm. It took him a while to get his arm strength up to speed and with arm strength, comes command, something he needs to be successful.

And probably because of the injury, he also came up with forearm tendinitis the first few months of this year.

“I think Dillon really had to prove to himself that he was healthy,” Collins said. “And then the forearm issue, during the game it would flare up at certain times. In the back of your mind, you’re always waiting for it to hurt.”

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